UK: (UK quadruples number of Chevening scholars from Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD: The UK has quadrupled the number of Chevening Scholars from Pakistan, the British High Commissioner, Mr Philip Barton CMG OBE, announced on Tuesday at a reception ahead of their departure to prestigious UK universities.

According to a press release, the number of Chevening Scholars being sent from Pakistan to the UK has increased by over 400% from 17 in 2014 to 73 scholars this year. The reception was attended by scholars, alumni and other invited guests. The High Commissioner presented this year’s certificates to mark their selection for the Chevening programme.

The British Chevening scholarship programme is a global programme designed to identify the most promising, next generation of leaders from across the world. The scholarships offer Masters degrees in subjects such as governance, democracy, journalism and security at some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious Universities.

Congratulating the selected Chevening Scholars, the British High Commissioner Philip Barton said, “Pakistan remains one of the top priority countries for Chevening awards” He said this year we have seen the biggest increase in the number of Chevening Scholars anywhere in the world, with a 400% increase. He said this shows the importance the UK puts in its relationship with Pakistan.

He said, “We are also proud of our Chevening alumni and the important contribution they are making after their return to Pakistan. The Chevening Programme brings immediate benefits for individual scholars – in terms of future career prospects and development. But it also delivers long-term benefits for both Pakistan and the UK”.

The creation of the alumni-led Chevening Alumni Association of Pakistan offers a platform for participants – whatever field they have chosen to pursue – to share their ideas on how to strengthen Pakistan and to work together for the good of the country.”

The British High Commissioner also launched the ‘Pakistan 2047’ conversation to engage future leaders of Pakistan in debates around the future of the country, and its place in the world.

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