UNISAME sets up SME Financial Boutique

KARACHI: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has set up an SME Financial Boutique to facilitate the micro, small to medium sized enterprises to prepare best business plan to obtain finance from commercial banks and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) on best terms for short and long term financing under various schemes.

Zulfikar Thaver president UNISAME realizing that many MSMEs are unable to obtain finance from banks and DFIs due to poor presentation of business plan to the lenders has advised MSMEs to prepare business plans with the help of UNISAME experts to enable the banks to comprehend the plan and its viability. A well prepared business plan is very important and essential and it is the first document which the lender studies and decides to finance or decline the application.

Most of the entrepreneurs do not know to prepare a sound business plan and are also not aware of the type of finance they need for maintaining positive cash flows without extra burden of obtaining more finance at unaffordable rates of mark up. The duration, the type and the best rate are very important for cost of finance resulting in profitability he emphasized.

Thaver said we are in a position to obtain finance for the MSMES for running their business satisfactorily and can arrange for them bridge finance, long term or short term finance under various schemes after studying their requirements.

Many big corporations have contacted us for joint ventures with medium sized enterprises and UNISAME is in a position to arrange for equity from capitalist.

Besides finance can also be arranged under collateral management schemes, hire purchase, leasing and also for housing under special terms depending on the requirements of the units. He pointed that MSMEs could also avail subsidized finance from schemes of provincial governments and the SME Financial Boutique would remain at the disposal of the sector for expert guidance and support.