Universities play role in research and development works: moot told

KARACHI: Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman, former Minister of Education and Information Technology and Professor Emeritus, International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi while speaking at the Convocation Ceremony of Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (CIBES) highlighted that Islamic world is yet to produce a Noble Prize winner for Research work done in the field of Science in Islamic countries and mentioned that Muslims should come out of the world of ignorance and concentrate on Research and Development.

Dr. Atta ur Rahman conferred and awarded degrees to BBA and MBA graduates of CIBES. He also awarded medals to high achievers. He also congratulated the degree recipients and advised them to continuously keep on improving themselves. He also advised present students not to seek only jobs after graduation rather they should become entrepreneurs and create jobs.

He highlighted the recent developments in the field of Science and shared as to how these developments are helping people in developed countries. Dr. MMA Feroze, Dean CIBES in his welcomed address mentioned that CIBES believes in developing ethical business leaders whereas Mr. Irfan Nadeem, Chairman – Board of Governors – CIBES in his Convocation address congratulated students and their parents and teachers for their hard work, dedication and commitments and thanked Dr. Atta ur Rahman for presiding over CIBES Convocation.

Besides other guests dignitaries from business world and academia also attended CIBES Convocation.

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