Unsafe disposal of hospital waste threat to public

KARACHI: The unsafe disposal of the medical waste outside the Sindh Services Hospital Karachi and Sobhraj Maternity Hospital has posed a serious threat to visiting patients and citizens.

An official at the Sindh Services Hospital Karachi told that the sanitary staff of the hospital was disposing off the medical waste unsafely which was posing serious healthcare threat to people visiting the hospital. A big quantity of health hazardous materials like used disposable syringes, drips, empty urine or blood bags, needles, fluids and other hospital waste is carelessly dumped outside the main entrance gate of the hospital situated on the MA Jinnah Road.

The official said sanitary workers sort out some material for re-sell to junk dealers and then throw other material at the garbage dump outside the hospital. On the other hand, sanitary worker of Karachi Municipal Corporation are also dumping the garbage of Allah-Wala Market outside the main gate of the hospital, causing grave inconvenience for visiting patients.

Similarly, sanitary staff at the nearby Sobhraj Maternity Hospital also dumps their hospital waste to a nearby garbage point, rather burning it safely. The officials of the health department and environment protection department have failed to check this dangerous trend of dumping the hospital waste and reusing the syringes of hospitals and clinics.

This is a serious threat for visiting patients, attendants, and doctors as they can catch diseases like Hepatitis B and C if they come in contact to the dangerous hospital waste.

Medical Superintendent, Sindh Services Hospital Karachi, Dr Khalid Shaikh, when contacted, said the hospital administration has already brought the issue into the notice of sectary local government department, requesting him for lifting the garbage on regular basis.

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