Upgrading of police hospital still a distant dream

KARACHI: The upgrading of Sindh Police Hospital Karachi is still a distant dream, despite the growing number of injury cases of cops in the city as well as in the province. The government his spending virtually billions of rupees on the treatment of the injured cops and survivors of terrorist attack in very costly private hospitals, even knowing that even spending a fraction of these amount on upgrading of Sindh Police Hospital Karachi, this healthcare center could be made a state-of-the art trauma care facility of Sindh province.

The Home Department Sindh pays millions of rupees on treatment of its policemen injured in the line of duty at costly private hospitals of Karachi, but unfortunately steps are not being taken to up-grade the Sindh Police Hospital at Karachi, which could provide better medical facilities in a very secure atmosphere and certainly at very low cost.

A large number of cops sustain injuries while fighting with militants and mafias, especially those operating in Karachi and they are mostly admitted to costly private hospitals of the city and government has to foot their huge medical bills. If even a fraction of the money paid to the private hospitals for clearing the bills of treatment of the injured cops is spend on upgrading of the Sindh Police Hospital Karachi, it can save a huge budget which can be spend on opening more hospitals and schools in different districts of Sindh for the welfare of police force.

In whole world, police hospitals are considered as centers of excellence where the treatment and management of trauma is concerned. However, Sindh Police Hospital Karachi even does not have a proper emergency centre and updated surgical theaters to provide emergency treatment facilities to the injured cops and officers.

There are around 40,000 police officials and personnel in Karachi, who perform duties to protect life and property of citizens, but strangely even no post of specialist doctors is sanctioned for 62-bed Sindh Police Hospital Karachi. This important police hospital urgently needs posts of specialist doctor like general surgeon, gynecologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons, pathologists and anesthesiologists to provide better healthcare facilities to police officers, cops and their families.

The provincial government of Sindh and its Home and Health departments should give a serious consideration to upgrading the healthcare facilities at the Sindh Police Hospital Karachi on urgent basis and post specialist doctors, surgeons, trauma care experts and technicians to this hospital besides increasing its budget and equipping it with the required medical and surgical facilities.

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