US consulate to conduct workshops to prepare SU students for scholarships

JAMSHORO: A delegation of US Consulate in Karachi headed by Saif Jiskani called on Sindh University vice-chancellor Prof Dr. Abida Taherani and discussed about the study opportunities and scholarships being offered by USA for Pakistani students.

They vowed to conduct workshops and create awareness among the students on the campus in order to help prepare the students of Sindh University for Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)so as to provide them with opportunities to get maximum scholarships of studying in the United States of America.

The delegation consisted of Saif Jiskani, Sara Alam and Zehra Hajiyani who met Dr. Taherani at vice-chancellor’s office.

The meeting was aimed at strengthening the nexus of US Consulate and Sindh University and working together to prepare SU students for GRE and other competitive examinations which are taken to award the scholarships in the United States.

Vice-chancellor Dr. Abida Taherani on the occasion said that the US consulate had various educational and exchange programs but these were not promoted properly.

“The US Consulate should timely share the information of exchange and educational programs with us so that we may nominate the students and the young faculty for the trip”, she said while speaking with the delegation.

She said Sindh University would welcome the proposal of conducting seminars and workshops on the campus and it will ensure the participation of those students interested to go to USA for higher education qualifying the required examinations.

Saif Jiskani said that they will start conducting training workshops for GRE examinations from September or October to facilitate the students.

“We have some short-term opportunities for faculty members to send them to USA, we will send the information to Sindh University in October this year”, he said adding that the nominations in this regards may be sent to consulate so that they might go ahead with those cases.

Sara Alam said that the US consulate wanted to initiate some online seminars for the students of the varsity too, wherein the importance of democracy, legal system in USA and good governance will be discussed.

The vice-chancellor asked the delegation to come up with some practical schedule of organizing workshops at Sindh University in the next meeting.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed pro-vice chancellors of SU campuses Dadu & Larkana Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed and Dr. Noor Mohammad Jamali respectively met the vice-chancellor Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani at her office, where she handed over the appointment orders to both of them.

The vice-chancellor on the occasion congratulated Dr. Anwar Shah G. Syed and Dr. Noor Mohammad Jamali for being appointed as PVCs. She directed them to utilize their energy to provide quality education to the students of their respective campuses.

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