US should stop interference in Pakistan’s affairs: JI chief

LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, declared in his concluding address at the three-day JI Ijtema on Sunday that Pakistan’s rulers would have to decide whether they were the slaves of Obama and Bush or Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and choose between the Washington and Makkah and Madina.

The JI chief counseled the US to stop interference in Pakistan’s affairs. He also advised India to stop issuing threats to Pakistan. He said if the Indian leadership had any brain, it should use the country’s resources to wipe out poverty, hunger and want in its own country and not on war with Pakistan. If Mr. Modi wants war with Pakistan, he should know that this nation could repeat the history of Badr and Hunain. And if the Indian rulers thought that India was a big country, they should also know that the big country would also suffer a big loss.

He told the mammoth gathering including more than fifty thousand women that the hypocrisy of the rulers could not continue any more. If they loved the American culture, they should leave this country and spare this nation. The tyrant class and Pakistan could not go together, he said.

Hundreds of minorities members and foreign delegates also attended the Ijtema. The JI chief said that the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had soon after the creation of the country, wrote to the JI’s founder Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi, that he had been successful in creating a state and the latter (the Maulana ) should build a mosque there. He said that the JI had now decided to resume this effort. And it would raise a nation rising above the differences of sects and factions, that would be according to the dream of the Quaid.

He sought the cooperation of the men and women attending the Ijtema for this noble cause. He also asked the audience to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and vow to refrain from three major sins, telling a lie, Gheebat (talking ill of any one in his/her absence and from feeding self and children with Haram( ill gotten money).

He said it was due to the present system of tyranny, injustice and exploitation that the poor were committing suicides while the rulers were building castles inside the country and abroad with the plundered national wealth. He said hundreds of children had died in Tharparkar due to hunger and poverty. This was because corruption to the tune of 150o billion was taking place in the country annually. He said that in India, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nado was convicted for corruption and sent behind the bars and the imposed a heavy fine. However, in this country, the corrupt went scot free. Even the NAB was letting them free after recovering only one tenth of the plundered amount. , and said that they NAB had no authority for this.

The JI chief said that there was dearth of talent, resources and vision in this country, and the only problem was of leadership. He said that if the masses voted for the corrupt, thieves and thugs, they should not expect justice, fair lay and honesty from the rulers.

Sirajul Haq said that those who had been ruling the country for the last 67 years, were enjoying all luxuries at the cost of its people but they always played to the tune of Washington.

He said that Pakistan had remained without a constitution for several years. A constitution was promulgated in 1956, but Gen. Ayub Khan abrogated it in 1958 and enforced martial law. Another constitution was framed in 1973 but martial law was again enforced in 1977.

The JI chief said that the 1973 constitution clearly laid down that the religion of the state would be Islam and all its laws would be in line with the Quran and the Sunnah. A Federal Shariat Court was also set up under the constitution. However, he said, the laws of the country remained un-Islamic, the interest based economy was continuing.

The JI chief also repeated the main items of his people’s agenda for building Pakistan into an Islamic, welfare state. He said that he would announce the line of action for achieving his people’s agenda at the Mazar of the Quaid, Karachi, on December 25.

Earlier, the JI, Chief from Azad Kashmir, Abdur Rashid Turabi, , in his address, lauded the efforts of the JI Pakistan for the liberation of Kashmir and said that Kashmir would be free very soon. JI Punjab chief, Dr. Syed Waseem Akhtar, also addressed the gathering.

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