Water Board’s issues need to be resolved: Shujrah

KARACHI: Chairman Chief Minister’s Inspection Team Haji Muzaffar Shajrah on Thursday presided a meeting for reviewing water and sewerage related issues in district East, Karachi.

Chief Minister Inspection Team Member II Coordinator Yasir Jan Baloch, Member III Khadim Bhutto, Deputy Commissioner Asif Jan Sididqui, Administrator DMC East Rehmatullah Sheikh, Municipal Commissioner Nadir Khan and others were also present.

Shajrah said that the Water Board’s performance is not satisfactory. However, the local government officers should not show negligence in resolving these issues at their local level. If they any problem in this regard they can inform the Inspection team.

Karachi is our city and we take the ownership of Karachi. Action would be held against the incompetent officers, he warned.