’West borrowed Islamic principles to make welfare states’

LANDIKOTAL: The Muslims should understand that the real success is hidden in following the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), said Amir of Jamaat-e-Islam(JI),Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter Mushthaq Ahmad Khan, here Wednesday.

Addressing at a Muhabbat-e-Rasool conference held here at Mohammad Zaman Hujra, Ghani Khel of tehsil Landikotal, he said the affection for God and His Last Prophet PBUH) is the core of faith and following of the teachings and Sunnah is key to all success in this world and the world here after.

A large number of local tribesmen besides the party workers attended the gathering.

Mushthaq Ahmad Khan said, loyalty and affiliation to the Last Prophet(PBUH) is the only remedy to all problems being faced by the Muslims today.

Love for the Messenger of e God is a must for the believers, and rest of the matters and positions should have a secondary importance, he said. He asked the masses to strictly follow the Sunnah.

He further said even the non-Muslims have been adopting the golden principles of Islam and implementing them practically in their lives. He said following the Madina model, now the West has set up successful welfare states but ironically the believers, themselves, have turned the blind eye to the universally true teaching of Islam and it is the main cause of their backwardness.

Coming down hard on the rulers of Pakistan he said, instead of serving the masses they were looting the national wealth to increase their own bank balances. He stressed upon the people to impose the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in their lives and make hectic efforts to spread the teachings of Islam in society.

At the end unanimous resolution against prolonged electricity load shedding was also passed.

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