132 people died and around 300 receive injuries in a week

Peshawar: In short span of 8 days blood of above 132 people including children, women and young, was shed when terrorists brutally killed the innocents human beings and leaving dozens of their families in a lurch.

Peshawar once the city of flowers has seen more than 210 explosions which totally converted the city of gardens in to a battle field. Almost every dweller of the city would have smelled the smoke of explosive either in hospital or on the city roads in last 9 years.

Last Friday, at least 19 people were killed and dozens were injured when a bomb exploded inside a bus carrying Civil Secretariat employees. Last Sunday, over 78 parishioners, among them 34 women and seven children, were killed and over a hundred were injured in an attack on the All Saints Church.

An average 20 people per day died in last 7 days whereas hundreds of them received injuries and they are passing through an intensive health care in City’s main hospital LRH. This is the third attack in Peshawar in the last eight days.

There would be no one in the country who would not know the name of Lady Reading Hospital, the health care center which never refuses to treat hundreds of wounded brought to the casualty of the this treatment center in last 9 years.

The blood bank of LRH in last 9 years never felt any shortage of blood needed to the bomb victims whereas doctors of Nurses of this hospital really shown greatness as working in emergency, always crowded with injured and their sympathizers, is hard job to perform.

On other hand coffin makers remained so busy in last one week to prepare wooden boxes Taboot for the dead bodies. Al-Khidmat Foundation took the responsibility to provide wood box Taboot to each and every decease of the bomb blast but some time the foundation struggles to find Taboots in a bulk from the market.

City dwellers say the business of coffin makers is flourishing with each passing day because death is now cheaper than life in the city.

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