1500 schools running under SEF still deprived of free books

NAUNDERO: As many as 1500 schools running under the banner of Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in Sindh province have not yet been provided free government books even after the passage of five precious months, PPI learnt on Saturday.

Students of Primary and Intermediate are included in the list. Reliable sources told that about 3 hundred thousand children are getting education in these 1500 schools which means that 200 children are enrolled at each school. Primary, Middle, Elementary and High Schools are included in the list. Subsidy of 400 books is given to primary students and 600 in middle & high school students. Sources further said that no subsidy has been given for VIth class students during 2012 and 2013 even to the operators due to which the future of the enrolled schools is at stake.

The teachers due to fear of closure of these schools get back books from the students who passed a class and then distribute the same collected books among their new admitted students. These schools were allowed to be opened in the rural & remote areas of the province in 2011 so that those students who are unable to get education for any reason can be enrolled for which Sindh Education Foundation had to provide all facilities including books, sources disclosed. SEF, it is further alleged, seems to be not interested now as they do not provide subsidy to these schools & their students for months due to which their future is always hanging in the balance and their teachers are also affected badly and the operators who manage these school are also facing the wrath of the parents, sources added.

The students and their teachers have urged the Sindh’s Senior Minister for Education Nisar Khuhro to come to their rescue immediately and order provision of text books to them so that their future could be saved.

When contacted, the Director of Sindh Education Foundation, Larkana Region, Naheed Abbasi, told Reporters that SEF has given 500 rupees per month per student to the operators but no subsidy is given in provision of text books. She further said that in June they had given the instalment and now it’s the responsibility of these operators to procure books and distribute the same among their students. The operators said that separate subsidy is given for schools and books which should be given to them and added that they are being given subsidy on the basis of admissions carried out in 2011 and during 2012 & 2013 more admissions have been made for which they require more subsidy to meet the actual requirement.

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