18949 cases pending adjudication before SC

ISLAMABAD: As many as 18949 cases of various natures including constitutional petitions are pending adjudication before the Supreme Court. According to the weekly case’ progress report of the Supreme Court, 682 cases were disposed of during the week- February 23 (Saturday) to March 01 (Friday). Whereas 435 new cases were instituted during this period.

The backlog of cases in the Supreme Court on February 23, 2013 was 19196 cases. As 435 new cases were instituted during this period, thus the progressive total of pending cases on March 01, 2013 came to 19631 cases. Out of these, 682 cases were disposed of during this period, leaving the backlog to 18949 cases.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had constituted various benches at the Supreme Court’s principal seat, Islamabad and at branch registries to expedite the case hearings and clear the backlog.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan and the judges of Supreme Court remained committed to accelerate disposal of the cases and diminish the backlog. The judges continued to hear the case in various benches with the aim to minimize the backlog and provide maximum relief to the litigants.

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