30% city population hit by skin disease: expert

Karachi: Approximately 30 percent population of Karachi is suffering from different types of skin diseases due to poor cleanliness, industrialization, urbanization and lack of proper awareness about the diseases.

Senior Skin Specialist Dr Qamar Iqbal told PPI that ratio of skin diseases is high among those people having oily and dry skin as compared to people having normal skin. He said severity of weather increases the risk of skin diseases among the masses.

He informed that scabies, eczema, heat rash, rash on different parts of body and hair fall are common skin disease in the country. He said around 1500 to 2000 people visit different Out Patient Department (|OPD) at Institute of Skin Diseases Hospital in the holy month of Ramazan and number of cases increases in normal days.

Dr Qamar said industrialization, urbanization and air pollution are the major causes behind surge of skin disease in the city. He informed that skin disease cases are high in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan as compared to small cities, towns and villages.

He informed that skin disease cases automatically increased in summer and monsoon season. He advised the people to remain clean and use hygienic food to avoid skin disease in summer. He urged the affected persons to stay away from healthy people and do not share your towel with others during disease. He said skin diseases are transferable and may affect other people too.

Qamar further informed that skin hospital is providing healthcare service people across the Pakistan, including people of Afghanistan as well. He said around 18 different OPDs were functional in hospital. He said there were separate OPDs facilities for women and men patients in hospital.

He stressed the need of establishment and upgrading the primary health care centres at town level for provision of better healthcare facilities at door step of poor people in the country. Qamar also demanded proper awareness among the people about the skin disease through media and other forums.

Most of Skin specialists doctors believed that use of substandard fairness creams, applying henna on hands and use of lenses at beauty parlours and salons centres are also causes of different skin infections.

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