5 killed in land mine blast

DERA BUGTI: Three persons including two motorcycle riders were killed in land mine blast near Sui Saturday.

Another two including FC man were killed in another incident.

According to details two brother Tangai and nor Muhammad were going on their motorcycle in Talli Mat area some 25 Km West of Sui today. They passed over a land mine which blasted off. As a result they died on the scene.

Later a relative of those killed in the mine blast namely Rafiq went to collect parts of damaged motorcycle. He too died when he hit a land mine.

2 KILLED: Two persons including FC man died in Talli Mat area today. According to details a FC vehicle was moving in Talli Mat area today. It hit a land mine which blasted off badly damaging the vehicle. As a result two persons were killed in the blast. One of them was identified as FC personnel Hav Ejaz and another civilian.

CHAMAN: A cycle bomb badly damaged office of Benazir Income Support Programme here Sunday. There
QUETTA: Three accused were held in Killa Abdullah and Pishin while huge bombs were recovered.
QUETTA: Frontier corps troops rounded up six suspected persons during a search operation here Wednesday.