600 youth complete technical training

KARACHI: The auditorium hall of a technical institute witnessed happy faces of around 600 students on Tuesday when they received the certificates during a graduation ceremony after completing technical courses in different trades.

The Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) and Memon Industrial & Technical Institute (MITI) have successfully conducted a part of a larger activity which is the skilled training program for the youth of Karachi.

Around 600 students of different age-groups were recruited from different areas of the city and awarded 100 percent scholarships to get technical training in auto mechanic, auto electrician, auto air conditioner, CNG kit installation and tuning, refrigeration and air conditioning, lift technician, industrial electrician, general electrician, plumbing, welding, sewing and cutting, generator mechanic, UPS installation, motor winding, welding and Information Technology.

All students were selected after a transparent process of scrutiny and were awarded scholarships on the basis of their interest and financial constraints so the needy persons can alleviate their standard of living and join the strata of society which earns income through legitimate means.

The Chairman of MITI, H.M. Shahzad, addressed the students and congratulated them on successfully completing the technical training. He also praised the commitment and interest of the students during the course.

He told, “The students have been punctual in classes even though some of them faced challenges from their poor families as they were forced to quit classes and go for earning but they somehow managed to finish the training course and also did their jobs in part-time.”

Shahzad announced, “The bright students would also get assistance in job placements after completion of the training.”

KYI spokesman, Farhan Iqbal, said, “The skilled training program is a dire need of Karachi where a large number of youth do not get education due to a variety of reasons and remain unemployed.”

“Legitimate income is the right of everyone regardless he is educated or not and technical training is a weapon which not only makes an uneducated man eligible for employment but he can also start a small business,” he concluded.

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