Accused kills wife by pouring acid into her throat over a domestic dispute

SIALKOT: An unemployed angry accused Shabir Hussain killed his wife Farhat Bibi by allegedly pouring acid in her throat and later throwing acid on various sensitive parts of her body over a domestic dispute in Sambrial city’s congested Rasulpur locality here Sunday.

Reportedly, the accused Shabir Hussain was unemployed since long and his wife often used to ask him to work for earning livelihood for their children. Today, both of them again quarrelled over this issue. He became infuriated and with the help of his other family members, forcibly poured acid into her throat and later they threw acid on various sensitive parts of her body, as a punishment to force him to work.

She was the mother of five small children. She raised her alarm and some local neighbours gathered there after listening her hues and cries. Later, they informed the police about the incident. She also received serious burn wounds and died instantly after this nasty incident. The accused and his other family members fled away after locking their home.

Police shifted the dead body to Sambrial Civil Hospital for autopsy.

Meanwhile, Sambrial police have registered a case against the accused, on the report of Muhammad Ishtiaq, the brother of the slain woman. Police have started investigation with no arrest, in this regard.

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