Advisor assures relief on electricity supply to textile industry

LAHORE: Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on energy Dr Musadik Malik has assured All Pakistan Textile Mills Association APTMA of putting up a fight for immediate relief on electricity supply to the textile industry.

He was responding to the concerns raised by the APTMA members during his visit to the APTMA House Lahore. Central Chairman APTMA Ahsan Bashir and Chairman APTMA Punjab Shahzad Ali Khan welcomed the Special Advisor to the PM at the APTMA House.

Dr Malik admitted the fact that situation on ground was more worse than actually projected through media and assured the APTMA members to carry the sentiments they expressed in the meeting to the federal government in true spirit.

He said he would be utilizing all his commitment in immediate supply of electricity to textile mills, particularly in Punjab, as per requirement.

However, he urged the APTMA members to show patience and come up with innovative solutions to the energy problem to support him in gigantic task of nation building. I do admit that there are real constraints being faced by the textile industry in Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan and let me say that I would put a fight for you to ensure maximum relief, he said and added that since he has no executive role in the government therefore he cannot extend any promise to the industry.

He said he will use his influence for immediate relief for industry and further added in the same breath that the government was aiming for a level playing field for all stakeholders in the industry.

He also presented three year energy plan of the government to the APTMA members, saying that hydro and biomass generation were the corner stones of government’s new energy policy.

Central Chairman APTMA Ahsan Bashir said the government should understand that the industry would not be viable until it is supplied with Rs10 per unit electricity therefore gas supply to textile industry Captive Power Plants CPPs should continue until the government attains the level under its energy vision.

Chairman APTMA Punjab Shahzad Ali Khan highlighted the plight of textile industry and the workers in particular. He said laying off the workers in the month of Ramzan is a difficult decision for the industry but prevailing constraints on energy supply to mills would bring industry to the verge of closure in next six months. Other members demanded immediate removal of corrupt elements at the DISCOs level.

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