Agri Sikandar Bosan Inaugurates The 47th Annual Convention of Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists

Rawalpindi: Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research inaugurated here the 47th Annual Convention of Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists PSST. A large number of foreign delegates, Chief Executives of sugar mills and members of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion, federal minister stated that sugar industry was one of the country’s prime agro based industries and in the modern scenario when every sector of the economy was becoming technology led and knowledge based; the existence and technical contribution of such professional entities i.e. PSST has become more important and deserves support and encouragement at all level.

The federal minister further said that the present government fully understood the importance of agriculture and it would support every initiative that will sustain growth and contribute to the development of agriculture sector.

The minister also said that his ministry was committed to put agriculture on a high growth trajectory to make the country food sufficient.

Addressing the gathering, the federal minister further said, “This is a very important occasion as the 47th Annual Convention would enable the experts, sugar technologists, researchers and managers to share their experiences, research results, findings and recommendations for making the sugar industry more competitive and sustainable.

This kind of interaction enriches experience and enhances professional capacity of experts to meet the future challenges and grasping emerging opportunities”.

Mr. Bosan also said that the country’s 85 sugar mills have annual installed sugar capacity of over 7 million tons which can be further increased provided per acre yield of sugarcane and sugar recovery are improved.

He said that it was encouraging that the country has surplus sugar and at present sugar exports were to the tune of 0.9 million tons. Moreover, future sugar crop prospects were promising as well since the existing sugar crop area was over one million hectares.

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