Akhtar Mengal speaks

SIBI: President Balochistan National Party and former provincial Chief Minister Sardar Akhtar Mengal has said Baloch people want right to rule their soil. We are named traitors. When we demand our rights and operation is carried out against Baloch people. He said even today operation was underway in Mashkay, Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Kalat and other areas.

This he said addressing a public meeting by telephone from Dubai Sunday. Acting President Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini and others also addressed. Akhtar Mengal said that where in power or outside, BNP always raised voice over excesses against Balochistan. We were inflicted wounds which perhaps would not remove for life. But these wounds did not shake us and our morale remained high. He said the day is not far away when there will be result of Balch sacrifices.

He said where there are uniform people or people in Sherwani we are receiving dead bodies. Voice against dictatorship has risen from Balochistan and Baloch leadership supported it.

He asked BNP and BSO to be ready for coming days. If hurdles were creating in our way these were responsible earlier and would be so now.

He said operation was still underway in Mashkay, Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Kalat and other areas and innocent Baloch were being killed. Rulers have made Balochistan their experience site. He said it is surprising after end to their service they took notice of Balochistan situation. When they were sitting in the Assembly they did not think of it. None of them even spoke of mutilated dead bodies.

On imposition o Governor’s rule after dismissal of Balochistan Government, political and religious parties announced protest against imposition of Governor rule and protest demonstrations and shut down was being observed.

He posed a question if they were not seeing mutilated dead bodies, abduction-like arrests and displacement of tens of thousands of Baloch. Whey did not they like to raise voice against it.

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