America resorts to attacking Islamic countries, Siraj

Peshawar: The KP Senior Minister and Central Naib Amir of JI Sirajul Haq has said that America has resorted to attacking Islamic countries and bullying Islamic Ummah but cautioned that invading Syria on false allegations would fire back as this time UNO and world community also denied to work on its line.

He was addressing a reception of overseas Pakistanis and convention under UK Islamic Mission at Wales during his weeklong tour of Britain. Sirajul Haq regretted that America has become naughty elephant due to excessive support of western countries and a time has come that it did not give any heed to UNO and international community for fulfilling its devilish designs and then it would even never hesitate to attack western countries on certain pretexts. He said attack on Syria was a matter of the very existence of the world then.

“America is going to disintegrate like USSR if it is not stopped while Syrian war will cause world war as predicted that will further erupt new human tragedies”, he warned.

He regretted that America was converting the entire world into war zone just to meet nefarious Zionist designs as countries were being attacked one after another. He asked the British govt and people to take notice of such dangerous trends and stopping America of its war hysteria.

He cautioned that flames of war might reach everywhere on the globe if America was not singled out in this case and clearly asked that enough was enough. Siraj while appreciating the matchless loyalty and love with motherland of overseas Pakistanis said that they were the ambassadors of their country.

He asked them to work for reducing distance between the west and Islam. He said Islam is religion of love and peace. The unrest and turmoil in earth could be eliminated by implementing the peace philosophy of Islam, he concluded.

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