Amman, Tokyo discuss new aid package for Jordan

The governments of Jordan and Japan discussed the possibility of increasing support for Jordan's budget and providing it new grants to implement development projects besides backing the Jordanian response plan for the Syrian crisis as part of the new Japanese aid package for the Kingdom for 2018.

This came during a meeting on Thursday between Jordan's Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mary Kawar with Japanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Masahisa Sato.

According to a statement from the Planning Ministry, Kawar briefed the Japanese side on the current financial conditions and economic reforms that Jordan is currently working on and the measures to address the problem of slow economic growth in a bid to help the economy rebound, which will contribute to the improvement of living conditions of citizens.

For his part, the Japanese minister lauded the level of joint strategic partnership, saying his country will continue to support Jordan economically during these difficult circumstances and enable it to face the challenges triggered by the Syrian refugee problem and the Syria crisis developments, in line with the Jordanian response plan in this regard.

Minister Kawar highlighted the strategic and historical partnership between the two countries and lauded Tokyo's continuous support to the Kingdom. He also commended the Japanese government's role in supporting Jordan to counter the Syrian crisis through offering additional grants as a contribution to alleviating burdens on the Jordanian government as a result of hosting increasing numbers of Syrian refugees.

In this context, Kawar highlighted the economic and social challenges currently facing Jordan as a result of the political crises in the region and their repercussions on the Jordanian economy.

Japan is one of Jordan's largest development partners and has since 2009 provided financial aid to the Kingdom in the form of grants to carry out key projects, supported the budget with soft loans, and extended technical assistance and training programs to qualify Jordanian manpower.

Source: International Islamic News Agency