Anomalies found in service structure of paramedics

Ratodero, Sindh: Medical Superintendent, Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana, has pinpointed anomalies in the service structure approved in 2006 for paramedics working in various hospitals of Sindh province.

He mentioned that the posts of Nursing Orderlies were first sanctioned in BPS5, and in 198990 SNE all the new appointees were appointed in BS5 vide Health Department Notification dated: 27.4.1989 but the service structure approved by the health department mentions that they are in BPS4 posts and the District Accounts Officer, Larkana, is treating these employees in BPS4 and fixing their salaries in BS4 which has created worry amongst them.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr. Safiullah Abbasi has pinpointed such anomaly in awarding upgradation to this paramedical post in the service structure approved vide Health Department Notification dated: 13.5.2006 and Finance Department endorsement dated: 17.5.2006. In 198687 SNE these posts of Nursing Orderlies were in BPS5 as approved by the Finance Department U.O. dated: 14.5.1986 under which 45 of these posts were filled in BS5 as per government notification. The MS has sought guidance whether upgradation of Nursing Orderly may be counted in BS4 or BS5.

In this connection sources told PPI that the District Accounts Office, Larkana, is treating these posts in BS4 and the poor employees are forced to draw salaries of BS4 despite approval in BS5. In many other Hospitals as well these posts are in BS5 and the employees are drawing benefits of the same scale but DAO Larkana is thinking himself above the law and acts as an auditor though it is not his job at all just to extort money from the paramedics and enforce their will.

The Health & Finance Secretaries have been urged by these affected employees to intervene and direct the DAO Larkana to remain within its boots. Another complaint which these employees made with the Media personnel was about non-payment of their difference bills by the DAO due to award of service structure, upgradation of the post or promotions for which they may be directed to clear the bills without loss of time so that poor employees get relief.

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