Anti-Terrorism Court granted Sikandar to hospital

Islamabad: The Anti-Terrorism Court granted a request made by police to send Muhammad Sikandar the notorious gunman responsible for the ‘Islamabad standoff’ on August 15 to hospital.

According to media reports, the police said that Sikandar should be admitted to Central Jail Rawalpindi also known as Adiala Jail hospital because doctors have stated that he is not well. The police request was granted despite the fact that Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) doctors said that he is fine and does not need to be hospitalised.

On October 23 Kanwal, wife of Sikandar was released on bail from the Central Jail. Kanwal was originally indicted by the police for assisting her husband in a terrorist act and obstructing the action of law enforcement groups during the incident.

On August 15, Muhammad Sikandar, armed with two sub-machine guns and accompanied with his wife and two children, had driven into the middle of the Constitution Avenue in the evening, where he fired on the police and started a stand off.

Sikandar was finally arrested after six hours but not before receiving bullet wounds from security personnel. He was taken into custody and hospitalised at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

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