Arab League discussing intra-Arab trade facilitation

The Customs and Information Procedures Committee of the Arab League on Monday is discussing, during its 23rd meeting kicked off here on Monday, issues related to the unified Arab customs information center and sharing customs information electronically among Arab countries.

Director of the Arab League's Economic Integration Department Dr. Bahjat Abu Al-Nasr said the three-day meeting will discuss a number of topics, including an item submitted by the General Secretariat on the authorized economic operator, due to the vast disparity between the Arab states, in this regard.

The committee will also discuss the level of technological development in the fully equipped customs ports, as well as an item on applying performance indicators for measuring trade facilitation in the Arab countries, Abu Al-Nasr added, pointing out that the committee's recommendations will be submitted to the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League next month.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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