Arab Parliament calls for end of clashes in Tripoli, Libya

The Arab Parliament on Monday called for the cessation of clashes in the southern suburbs of the Libyan capital Tripoli.

"We follow closely and with concern the developments in the Libyan Tripoli city, and we want to stress the need for an immediate ceasefire to save the lives of civilians," the Cairo-based parliament said in a statement.

The parliament demanded that armed groups respect the state sovereignty and stop targeting civilians and government institutions. It also called for all perpetrators of attacks on civilians to be brought to justice.

On Sunday, the field hospital, set up by the Injured Affairs Department in Tripoli, reported that the death toll from the armed clashes in the southern areas of the capital surged to 41, while 128 were wounded and eight missing.

The Department renewed an appeal to the Ministry of Health and humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to Tripoli Ambulance Service to enable paramedic teams to transfer the wounded and stranded families out of the battlefield, as well as providing accommodation and supplies for the displaced persons.

Source: International Islamic News Agency