Arbab asks voters to punish corrupt politicians

Mirpurkhas, Sind: The Pakistan Peoples’ Party PPP during its five-year rule kept the poor hungry and stuffed its own coffers. Now it is the time that people should punish the corrupt politicians using their weapon of vote, said Pakistan Muslim League Likeminded Sind chief Arbab Ghulam Rahim here Wednesday.

Addressing a big rally at Gama Stadium, he said he said the previous rulers betrayed Sind by introducing frequent changes in local government system of Sind. He said the people this time would surely reject the corrupt people and elect honest and committed leadership. He said after the end of his government he was subjected to political vendetta. He said the situation was so worse that he had to leave the country.

He said the people should offer two genuflexion on the end of the corrupt era of PPP government. He said during the last five years the rulers cruelly destroyed the national economy through their mega corruption. He said people could not even get the basic facilities. He said the facilities of electricity and gas were made inaccessible to poor masses. He recalled in his government the wheat flour was at Rs15 per kilogram but the PPP rulers hiked it at Rs40 per kilogram.

He said the previous rulers sold government jobs and issued fake appointment letters to numerous youth. He said corrupt ruling politicians grabbed lands of people at gunpoint. He said the people this time should use their right of vote with utmost care and ensure the corrupt are not allowed to rule them again. He said in last election people voted the PPP, but the rulers did not give anything to these people. They even failed to arrest the killers of their leader Benazir Bhutto, despite the fact that they had gotten votes in her name.

Arbab said he believes in federal politics and try to remain away from the nationalist groups. He said some elements are harming the youth of Sind by setting up cottage distilleries in Sind. He said if his came into power they would punish these elements and end the business of wine selling.

A large number of people attended the rally of Arbab Ghulam Rahim and raised slogans in favour of his party.

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