BAMPAs lash Governor rule, DG NAB

QUETTA: Deposed provincial ministers once again lashed out at imposition of Governor rule and DG NAB saying there is no governor rule in Balochistan but establishment conspired and martial law was imposed. DG NAB was being used against us as a tool so that we should be dragged from parliament and our good performance could be presented as bad stain.

They warned if DG NAB’s trails and efforts to push us towards wall were not stopped once again there will be Bangladesh like situation and Establishment belonging to Punjab and DG Nab would be responsible for it.

They included Syed Ehsan Shah, Maulvi Sarwar Musakhel, Ainullah shams and Asad Baloch.

Again only 14 MPAs attended the session in a House of 65. This was third session after imposition of Governor rule and dismissal of Raisani led coalition. They included 9 MPAs from JUI, 3 of BNPA 1 PML and 2 independent members.

Ehsan Shah said that who authorized Prime Minister involved in corruption of Rupees 5200 billion to end our elected Government in the province and impose governor rule. It is conspiracy of Establishment to bring unpopular forces to parliament and to remove forces in parliament. He said JUI and BNPA is voice of people who would foil such conspiracies and would not allow any Punjabi establishment to take decisions than by elected representatives of Balochistan. He said we are real sons of the soil. Officers posted at Establishment and NAB would not be here but our dead and living is with this province.

He said they neither wanted to tell DG NAB they would not be frightened of his statements nor quit politics. If NAB officers did not mend their attitude we would stage sit in in front of NAB Office.

Maulvi Sarwar Musakhel said that there is no governor rule but practically it is martial law. Those raising slogans for democracy are supporting governor rule and supporting Establishment in Islamabad. We run the government for four years and 9 months.. We never thought parties included in coalition would quit us at the time of crisis. They said Establishment used Hazara community for imposing governor rule. We had demanded forces directed not to end sit in should be exposed. He said we were doing awami work during four years and 9 months but none viewed our corruption and weakness. But with elections nearing a campaign has begun form different quarters against us.

Ainullah Shams said under article 33 NAB has no right to take action unless Chairman allows it. He said DG NAB claimed of completion o f inquiry against 11 ministers and said with the permission Chairman. It has not only infringed our privilege but a bad stain on our faces.

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