Bhutto-Khuhro dispute death toll hits 7 as govt looks other way

NAUNDERO: Bhutto-Khuhro dispute claimed yet another life of an innocent primary teacher here on Monday, raising total death toll to seven.

According to detail, a 48yearold primary teacher Muhammad Juman Khuhro was on his way home after performing his duty in village Bharchoond primary school in outskirts of Naundero when he was shot dead by three armed men riding a bike. The attackers then fired aerial shots to scare passersby who then rushed to save the life of injured teacher.

Juman was immediately shifted to Naundero rural health centre where duty doctors advised him to shift him to Chandka Hospital in Larkana without providing first aid or proper management by stopping his bleeding. Chandka Hospital is 20 kilo meters away from here and the injured kept on bleeding for over half an hour till reaching the hospital.

On arrival at the casualty of the hospital, the injured teacher was declared dead by the duty doctors. This dispute has so far claimed seven lives and the Sind government and district authorities seem to be busy in counting “score” of the poor dead persons as they have done nothing to resolve it so far.

This dispute has now taken to bazaars and have also entered into villages which was first confined to the katcha area in the limits of Ketty Mumtaz police station. People of Naundero are undergoing severe mental agony as they fear for their lives that one day innocent people may be hit with the bullets as they do not have names inscribed over them and both clans are killing each others’ persons to take revenge.

Muhammad Essa Khuhro, brother in law of the deceased, told Reporters that they don’t have any enmity with anyone and Juman has been killed due to ongoing bloody dispute between Bhutto-Khuhro clans.

Mithal Kurio was gunned down few days ago in Naundero who was sitting at a hotel located in the mid of a bazaar. People of both clans and their supporters are undergoing severe fear & mental torture. The influential people of both communities have sought police security at their houses as policemen have been deployed outside their homes which too has created lot of problems for the peaceful citizens as these policemen keep on sitting in streets having arms in their hands in front of their houses due to which womenfolk & children cannot move freely to attend to marriages and other ladies functions and children cannot play in the street which they do usually.

No FIR has so far been lodged at Naundero police station till filing of this report.

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