Bilal team upbeat after winning Regional Bridge Tournament

Karachi: After successfully winning the Regional Bridge Championships and trials last week, the team Bilal is keeping its form.

Bilal with galaxy of young and upcoming bridge players, started the journey to the top beating GM with narrow margin of 16-14, then extracted maximum against Norri 25-2 and GFQ 22-8 and a clear edge over Hamed 19-11, thus accumulated 80 V.P. to win the title of the week.

On point basis Foxy also accumulated 80 V.P., however, on tie breaking rules over IMP basis, it favoured Biial, by 0.17 aggregate points. Gulzar Bilal had Shaikh Muqeet, Anisur Rehman, Ziaullah Baig and Hassan Rashid Khan in its fold. The Foxy was represented by its regular pair of Mushahid Siddiqui-Nasir Azim, A. K. Bhurgari and Zubair.

Earlier in the pairs contest, Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed – Jawad Abedi scored 67.46 per cent to the winning pair A. Ghaffar Qureshi and Nasim Arzoo scored 60.23 percent to claim second position followed by Ziaullah Baig and Sh. Abdul Muqeet.

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