Black marketing of Engro Urea starts in Talhar

TALHAR: Black marketing of Engro Urea fertilizer has started in Talhar, causing trouble to growers. A bag of Engro Urea, which was earlier purchased at Rs1750 per bag, is now being sold at Rs2000, inflicting financial losses to growers who have sown new crops. The traders have hoarded thousands of fertilizer bags as the use of fertilizer in crops has risen.

The relevant government authorities had adopted lull over the issue, leaving the growers to suffer losses and troubles due to hoarding of fertilizer.

The traders are of the view that there is shortage of Engro Urea in factories as a result it is being sold at high prices. The growers have demanded of the government to take notice of the black-marketing of fertilizer and provide relief from high prices of it so that they could grow crops fertilizer.

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