Body formed to restructure KWSB law department

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid established a three-member committee to restructure and improve the performance of KW&SB Law Department.

The Committee comprises of Deputy Managing Director RRG Waqar Hashmi, Admin Officer Technical Services Hanif Shahid and Labour Welfare Officer Hassamuddin. Committee has been directed to submit a detailed report to the M.D Secretariat.

Ordering to establish the committee M.D KW&SB stated that it has been observed that nor the KW&SB Law Officers properly represent cases in the Court neither do they appear on the court dates. It has also been observed that concerned Officers and Law Department also fails to provide Law Officers with appropriate information regarding courses underway in the Court. Moreover Law Officers have been displaying negligence by dragging submission of facts to the Courts.

He further stated that Law Officers don’t study the cases properly neither do they contact or collect information from departments concerned which is why Courts are issuing Show Cause, Summons and Contempt of Court notices to the institution. Moreover there is extreme lack of coordination between Human Resource Department and Law Department.

This mind set displayed by Law Officers is not only costing KW&SB financial losses but is also damaging KW&SB’s reputation.

He directed the Committee to inspect and investigate the root cause behind the poor performance and submit a detailed report to the M.D Secretariat within next 15 days. He said that after judging individual performances only competent Lawyers would be assigned sensitive cases so that they can plead such cases in a better manner. This practice would not only save KW&SB financial losses but would also ensure that the reputation at stake is in safe hands.

KW&SB Law Department comprises of Lawyers and Legal Advisors that are of KW&SB payroll and they oversee KW&SB cases. Moreover in some special cases Legal Experts other than legal advisors are brought in to plead such cases. Whereas, KW&SB assigns important and sensitive cases to the lawyers who can best represent such cases therefore this practice must also be kept in mind when formulating the policy.

He directed the committee to include reasons of poor performance and restructuring of Law Department would be undertaken based on the suggestions and facts presented by the committee. Committee has also been directed to look into Issuance of Tenders, reasons of failure to follow SPPRA especially unnecessary mistake and possibility of irregularities in issuance of NIT.

M.D KW&SB stated that sometimes SPPRA rules are not fully complied with during tendering resulting in publication of corrections and corrigendum which causes financial losses to KW&SB. Committee would also suggest actions to ensure that SPPRA rules are followed and all KW&SB departments keep SPPRA rules in mind for tendering. Committee would look into such irregularities and eliminate them. These actions are taken to ensure that crystal clear operations, said M.D KW&SB.

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