Bribery in Jamrud affecting trade of cattle heads

Landikotal: The cattle supply for Eid Ul Azha is stopped due to non-payment of bribery in Jamrud. Local complaints that Khasadar personnel at various check posts from Karkhano to Michni demand bribes for taking cattle heads to Landikotal.

Jamaat-e- Islami Landikotal chapter has strongly condemned the political administration for its failure to stop bribery at check posts. It is said these corrupt elements are also behind smuggling of cattle heads and edibles to Afghanistan.

The local people purchase cattle heads such as sheep, rams, buffaloes, bulls etc in Peshawar and other cattle markets for Eid Ul Azha and bring them via Khyber Pass, but the Khyber Khasadar Force personnel at various check posts from Jamrud to Landikotal do not allow them to take their animals to their native villages.

JI Landikotal leaders Muqtadar Shah, Banaras Shinwari and Akhter Ali Shinwari condemned this bribery and warned to give a call to the public to take to the streets against it.

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