Businessmen left with no option but to protest,FPCCI

Islamabad: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has rejected the recent hike in the power tariff terming it worst form of misuse of authority which is the result of an unholy alliance between the government and the IMF against innocent masses.

The upward revision in power price is a cruel joke with the masses and the superior judiciary putting the future of the country at stake leaving the business community with no option but to take to the streets, said Zubair Ahmed Malik, President FPCCI.

Speaking to the business community, he said that government’s decision will result in closure of thousands of industries and businesses, leave millions unemployed, trigger brain drain and unleash a new round of rapid exodus of units.

Those rushing out of the country en masse will send money to their families so that they can survive while the government will give credit of rise in remittances to their ‘business-friendly’ policies, he said.

The FPCCI Chief said that the barbarous decision is to damage the reputation of the PML-N forever leaving rulers with little options to escape strong reaction of the frustrated masses with heavy political cost.

Government will continue the upward revision in prices as far as they are in power which will arrest all the economic activities transforming Pakistan into a failed satellite state which is the hidden agenda of the international lender, he added.

Government seems concerned about honouring the secret deal with the IMF but it is least bothered about promises with the business community and the masses, he said, adding that deprived are being punished for voting PML-N to power in the hope of better days.

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