Cabinet members urged to set priorities, targets

Islamabad: Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged Cabinet Members to set priorities and targets for their respective ministries within two weeks aiming at addressing current issues nation is facing.

Chairing the first meeting of newly formed Federal Cabinet in Islamabad on Monday the Prime Minister welcomed members of the Cabinet and congratulated them on assuming the charge of their respective offices. He said that there is a need to put the country’s economy back on track‚ eradicate poverty‚ eliminate intolerance‚ and reduce load shedding‚ inflation and above all isolation at the international level.

Prime Minister urged all the cabinet colleagues to put an end to the culture of lethargy and reinvigorate all the systems by setting aside personal whims and wishes and concentrating on national interest.

He said that at the moment we have to think of Pakistan and Pakistan alone. In the next five years we can address all the issues but we should set clear cut targets and resolve not to indulge in corrupt practices nor allow corruption by others to prosper. He attributed the current sorry state of affairs to corruption and vowed to eradicate it by all means.

He said that democratic transition of power from an elected government to another elected government was highly praise worthy. He said the people of Pakistan deserve praise for dismissing all rumours regarding the delay in polls and participated in the electoral process with great zeal and fervour. Timely holding of fair and free elections removed all doubts in the minds of certain individuals, he added.

The Prime Minister said that people have seen our performance in the past and had taken a mature decision in electing us with a large mandate. Naturally‚ the people have high expectations pinned on us. So we have to deliver accordingly.

He said that he expected every minister and department to set goals and targets. He advised the Cabinet members to study the Party’s manifesto and see as to what are the commitments with the people of the country, he reiterated. He said that we have to reduce all non development expenditure by at least 30 percent or even more.

The prime Minister said that circular debt has reached an enormous level of 503 billion rupees. Even if we retire this debt‚ there is no guarantee that this will not reappear unless we put in place a comprehensive plan to avert future problems. The Prime Minister said that he was displeased to see institutions like Pakistan Steel Mills‚ PIA and others incurring huge losses.

He added that all possibilities will be explored to turn around public sector organizations including privatization‚ public private partnership and appointing competent CEOs.

The Prime Minister said the country was facing issues like extremism‚ militancy and sectarianism and all efforts would be made to rid the country of these ills. He emphasized that the drone attacks were a violation of national sovereignty and will never tolerate them.

The Prime Minister said situation in Balochistan was going to be normal. He said we could also form a government there but we decided to give a chance to leadership of the Province.

The Prime Minster expressed the hope that with active support of the people of Pakistan and his team‚ the government will be able to bring prosperity and establish peace in the country.

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