Call to induct more journalists in caretaker setups

KARACHI: There are four pillars of society Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Media, which have been playing their due roles in public services and socioeconomic developments.

But it is irony that media, which plays vital role in resolving public issues, is given less importance in caretaker setups and democratic governments in Pakistan.

However, it is for the first time that a senior journalist Najam Sethi has been appointed as Punjab’s caretaker chief minister. The selection of Sethi is the triumph of journalists community and people of Pakistan.

It will be right to say that this selection is not enough as there is need to induct more senior journalists for posts of advisors and consultants in caretaker setups of the four provinces and federation so as to resolve public problems in real manner because journalists know how people’s problems could be resolved amicably.

No doubt, judiciary plays great role in provision of justices in the society, but it is media that unearths injustices and crimes in the society like corruption, murders, thieves, bribes, rapes, social injustices, land grabbing, health hazards, environment pollution and many other issue, besides helping in resolving the same. There should be no denying that media is also the mirror of society.

As the retired judges and business community are being given more importance in the caretaker setups, hence, there is also need that top honest journalists be inducted in caretaker setups in all four provinces of the country, which could play neutral role in ensuring fair elections and resolving public issues on priority basis.

Media advisors and consultants can promote confidence among people, contribute a lot to socio economic development, bring solutions to public issues and brighten the name of the country at national and international level.

Media plays major role in informing about education, business, job opportunities and natural disasters, hence, journalists being part of the fourth pillar of the society be given chance in government’s helm of affairs.

One hopes that premier and four chief ministers would mull over this demand and do the needful in this regard.

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