Call to remove obstacles from Mandi Bahauddin Phalia Highway

Mandi Bahauddin: Social circles have demanded removal of all illegal and improper obstacles and bumps, including speed breakers erected on Mandi Bahauddin Phalia Highway in front of residence of MNA Ijaz Chaudhry which are two in number on either side of the high way within a short distance of 25 meters.

They said these obstacles were hampering the flow of traffic and damaging vehicles as well as causing inconvenience to people. The citizens said speed breakers erected on high way in front of the MNA house was the only and single achievement of the MNA after the election, which according to them was meant to show his nuisance value to people by punishing them.

They further said speed breakers constructed by local administration and residents are illegal and not properly designed which serve as vehicle breakers and causing several accidents. According to specification the speed breaker should have width of 3.7 meters and height of 0.1 meter with gradient of gentle slope.

Other requirements are the erection of signboards near speed breakers and painting them with zebra crossing lines using radium stickers. Unfortunately local authorities and residents do not follow these norms while constructing speed breakers and bumps.

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