Car selling business on road aggravates traffic jams

Karachi: Thriving car selling business on roads and streets and footpaths is providing a windfall for car dealers at the cost of pedestrians and motorists who brave crippling traffic jams.

The New M A Jinnah Road is the classical case of encroachments of footpaths and roads by car sellers. The car dealers have a shop or two liberally occupy whole length and breadth of footpaths and two-third area of the road to do their business. This illegal encroachment of footpath and road is well in the notice of police and municipal authorities, but they do not take any action against the encroachers.

A few months back the then commissioner Karachi had announced to introduce charged car parking system on the New M A Jinnah Road, but due to the immense pressure of car dealers this decision was withdrawn before being practically implemented. The car dealers despite repeated complaints of citizens enjoy impunity to do business on the roads and footpaths and no government authority is ready to take notice of this violation of laws and immense inconvenience to people.

Though, the New M A Jinnah Road is the worst affected artery of the city due to car dealing on roads and footpaths, some sections of Tariq Road and Khalid Bin Walid Road in the vicinity are also notorious in this regard. However, these illegal encroachers also enjoy impunity, as bureaucracy does not take action against them due to huge political pressure. As the new government is Sindh has announced to show good governance therefore it has to ensure that its good governance is also visible at the New M A Jinnah Road and other arteries of the city, so as to solve the issue of traffic jams on Karachi streets.

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