CDA seals 4 house on violation

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority CDA during its operation
against nonconforming use of residential buildings had sealed four houses in Sector F8, Islamabad, as houses were being used for commercial purposes.

The houses which were sealed on Tuesday include House No.4, St. 56, F8/4, Islamabad which was being used as Telecom Office. House No.45, St. 33, F8/1, Islamabad was being used as a Departmental Store, House No.10, St. 43, F8/1 was being used as Guesthouse whereas the House No.16, St. 38, F8/1 was being used as an office.

Dy. Commissioner, CDA has already imposed fines on owners of these houses for nonconforming uses during the last year and Show Cause Notices were also issued by the Directorate of Estate Management Wing, CDA to the allotees for ending commercial use of these houses.

CDA is carrying out operation against the nonconforming use of the residential buildings as per routine official function. During current drive CDA has so far sealed around 20 houses during this drive.

The spokesman of the CDA has clarified the impression created by an officer of NAB that CDA Building Control Team has sealed his residence. The spokesman said the CDA is carrying out across the board operation against the nonconforming use of residential buildings in different areas of the Federal Capital and this is nothing to do with the sealing of the house of a NAB officer rather House No.10, St. 43, F8/1 owned by Mr. Abdul Majeed was being used as a guest house. CDA has issued a number of notices to the owner of the house to end the commercial activities in the residential building, however, the owner continued to operate it as a guesthouse. The Dy. Commissioner, CDA has also imposed fine to the owner of the said house and a Show Cause Notice was also issued by the Estate Management Wing of the Authority during the year 2009, 2010 and 2011, he added.

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