Changez Jamali

USTAMUHAMMAD: Era of force and threats in politics is over now. This was stated by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Changez Jamali at computers distribution to different schools from Pakistan Science Foundation.

He said PPP government was taking measures for enhancing ratio of literacy in remote areas of Balochistan. He said it is our clear vision promotion f science education is objective and priorities of PPP government. He said federal government in collaboration with UNESCO and French government has sought assistance for modern science education.

He opened office of Science and Technology Caravan and said that 20 orphan children would be imparted free education at the sweet home. He said women would be admission into Bangladesh University for scientific education on scholarships. He said there is no dearth of talent with us. However Balochistan was ignored in education in the past. He aid coming era would be of PPP.

He said his grandfather Jaffar Khan Jamali played an exemplary role in the creation of Pakistan boldly facing the situation. He said he was proud to be jiyala of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. No doubt PPP is party of martyrs.

Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation Professor Ghafoor Ahmed in his speech said that scientists from Usta Muhammad would win noble prize in future. He said Science Foundation was giving priority to research.

Hyder Khan Jamali also spoke on the occasion.

Later speaking to journalists he said polls would be held in time. There is no truth in delay of election. It is hoped under the supervision of impartial Election Commission for first time people’s representatives would gather in Parliament of the country.

He announce D rupees 0.2 million for Usta Muhammad Press club and Rupees 0.2 million for computers.

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