CHK needs proper cleanliness

Karachi: The government-run Civil Hospital Karachi CHK badly needs an effective infection control strategy through improved cleanliness and sanitary conditions to build better public image by treating patients with more care and respect.

As the largest provincial government hospital of Sindh province, Civil Hospital Karachi caters medical services to thousands of people; however, due to lack of cleanliness and indifferent attitude of staff towards these issues, it is losing confidence of patients day by day.

A visit of CHK would tell volumes about the lack of seriousness of administration towards cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

The CHK is providing healthcare needs of a large number of poor and low-income people belonging not only to Karachi, but also other parts of the country and a little effort to improve its cleanliness will bring a good name to the administration and also benefit patients in way of better infection control and quick recovery.

The majority of toilets and washrooms in OPD areas, as well as wards, are dirty and virtually unusable. There is no provision of soap for washing hands. The proper sanitation can save people from catching common infections. It is a must that patients, their attendants and hospital staff should wash their hands with soap after using toilets, as human excreta always contain large numbers of germs.

It is strange that the hospital administration is spending millions of rupees monthly on drugs, but they are not ready to spend a few hundred rupees to provide soap for washing hands in their toilets.

The free roaming tea and juice vendors, hawkers and even beggars in corridors of Civil Hospital witnesses the lack seriousness of the administration to give the hospital a respectable look. The corridors and waiting areas of CHK also need better cleanliness.

Senior leader of Pakistan Medical Association PMA Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad said overall cleanliness situation in all government is the same, which is a matter of great concern and shame. He equally made responsible the general public along with government and hospitals administration about this prevailing situation.

He said administration of the hospitals needs to focus on effective infection control through improved cleanliness, especially in corridors and toilets. He said excessive use of antibiotics in our hospitals is directly related to higher rate of infection due to improper hygienic conditions.

He said cleanliness situation in some private hospitals is better as compared to the government hospitals. He regretted that the situation in state-run healthcare centers is getting worse day by day. He said smoking cigarette, chewing betel leaf and other health hazardous substances is strictly prohibited in hospitals but people openly use these substances in hospital wards and there is no one stops them to do so.

He said overall situation could not be improved until general public, government and hospitals administration will realize their basic responsibilities.

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