City: Meetings held to device strategy of protest rally

Islamabad: Stepping up efforts to resist the eviction of katchi abadi dwellers of the twin cities, the Awami Workers Party and the All Pakistan Alliance for Katchi Abadis held a string of meetings on Sunday in various katchi abadis of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

A large number of katchi abadi residents gathered in these meetings held in Scheme 3 and Gracey Lines in Rawalpindi, and in Bari imam Muslim Colony, G8 colony, F6 100 quarter, and I11 basti in Islamabad.

Vowing to raise their voices against the ongoing attempts by the city administration to harass the katchi abadi dwellers, the residents of various colonies reiterated their resolve to stand in solidarity with each other.

The residents of I11 colony in particular voiced their determination to condemn and resist the search operation that was conducted in their colony in the early hours on Sunday morning, in which over 60 residents, including children and young men, were rounded up by the police and arrested without any prior notice or investigation.

Meetings conducted in F6, G7, and G8 abadis brought together dozens of abadi residents in each colony, including a large number of women, all of whom were lamenting the anti-poor policies of the incoming government and insisted that they would struggle for their right to shelter and basic amenities, which have always remained out of the reach of the poor and working classes of the country. For many katchi abadi residents, the current eviction drive launched by the city administration and the incoming government simply affirmed their suspicion of mainstream politics, and increased their sense of economic as well as physical insecurity and uncertainty.

This series of meetings is being held in connection with the 3 October Rally being organized by the Awami Workers Party on Land Rights, bringing together the katchi abadi residents of the twin cities, as well as landless peasants from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Rally, which will converge at D-Chowk in Islamabad, will demand an end to the ongoing eviction drive of the katchi abadis of the twin cities as well as the distribution of land to landless peasants in Punjab, as well as nationwide.

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