CJ asked to again strike down 2% ST raise

Karachi: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leaders have demanded of the government to immediately withdraw the increase in Sales Tax, as it was an unjustified act with the people of the country. In a statement issued, JI former lawmakers Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi, Laeeq Khan, Nasrullah Khan Shajih, Hameedullah Khan Advocate and Younus Barai while strongly condemning the increase in Sales Tax by two per cent said that the government despite increasing Sales Tax should bring the big fishes into tax net.

“If the government, instead of increasing Sales Tax, takes measures to increase the revenue, then it will definitely put a positive effect on the economy of the country”, JI former legislators added. They said that the JI would not allow anyone to commit injustice with the poor and less privileged people of the country by increasing Sales Tax by two per cent. “The government by increasing Sales Tax has covered its embarrassment, which it faced when the apex court ordered ii to withdraw the electricity tariff hike”, they added.

The JI ex-lawmakers further said that the introduction of “mini-budget in just 120 days has an open proved of the failure of PML-N government. They said that the public has rejected the said increase in Sales Tax and demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene again in the said issue.

The JI former legislators termed the increase in Sales Tax another drone attack on the people of the country and feared that a havoc of inflation, unemployment and poverty would come with the increase of Sales Tax. They asked people to stand upright against the said tyrannous act of the government, as it wanted to snatch the basic rights from them.

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