CM asked the opposition and people to wait 30 days to see improvements in every sector of life

Peshawar: Reiterating his commitment to end corruption and commission in all the government’s departments, the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak asked the opposition and people to wait for another 30 days to see the improvements in every sector of life.

Addressing the provincial assembly on Monday, he said he had clearly directed all the heads of government department that August 30 was the red line and after that he would not spare any one for any negligence and any corruption.

In a pin drop silence, the chief minister said the Pakistan TehrikeInsaf PTI led coalition government has already completed the required arrangements within 60 days and would take the opposition members with them to visit each and every department to see the changes by themselves.

“We have promised to provide justice and improve the system within 90 days and those will be completed by August 30,” he said asking the critics to tell them as to where his government has failed He said those who ruined the system and departments should wait for the completion of 90 days before suggesting the elected members to visit hospitals, police stations, revenue department etc and pin point the corruption and inefficiency.

The chief minister said the government would take strict action and not spare any one if any case was reported after August 30. The people, he said would also be justified to criticize their government if it failed to implement its manifesto within 90 days.

He said they were not interested to remain in office if they could not deliver within their earlier announced dates. He said they would have no right to rule if they could not end corruption, commission and improve the system.

Without naming any one, Pervez Khattak said they ruled the province for five years and posed a question as to which improvement was made by them.

He said the people could not be deceived on mere announcements. He said the people knew WAPDA was under the federal government and how the provincial government could be blamed for the heavy load shedding.

He claimed he had followed clean politics in the past and was never afraid of any one except God Almighty. He said no body could raise finger against any of his cabinet member and they had closed all doors of corruption for thieves.

He said they were giving a system but some people were trying to defame their government but they would not succeed in their mission.

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