Combined vaccination for Measles & Rubella in Sindh demanded

KARACHI: Renowned Pediatrician and President Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) Center Prof Iqbal Memon on Thursday urged the Expended Program on Immunization (EPI) Sindh to launch a combined vaccination for Measles & Rubella (MR) in Sindh province to prevent infants from rubella-related complications.

Prof Iqbal Memon said German measles also known congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) can occur in a developing fetus of a pregnant woman if she contracted rubella.

He said rubella occurs when the rubella virus in the mother affects the developing baby at a critical time during the pregnancy. He said pregnant women who are not vaccinated for rubella, risk infecting them and their unborn babies.

Prof Memon said rubella virus is likely to harm the developing baby and increase the risk of contracting serious illnesses like disability, low birth weight and other complications. He said virus also increases the risk of miscarriage in infected women if they are not vaccinated against the disease.

He said infection in mothers during pregnancy can be serious, if pregnant women could not be vaccinated against diseases. He said World Health Organization (WHO) also recommended that measles and rubella vaccination should be done combine. He said measles & rubella is safe and effective.

He urged the EPI Sindh administration to launch combined measles & rubella vaccination across the Sindh province to prevent infants from rubella related complications. He advised the parents to get their children vaccinated against infectious and deadly diseases at vaccination centers across the country.

He also suggested the Health Department Sindh to re-launch mass level second round of measles vaccination campaign throughout the province on the pattern of last year to further reduce the cases of measles and prevent babies from deaths occur every year in the province.

In 2014, approximately 13,269,690 children had been administrated measles vaccination in twelve-day long campaign held across the Sindh province in month of May.

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