Commandant Pishin Scouts

CHAMAN: Chaman is a commercial hub but foreign forces have unleashed bomb explosions to distribute its peace.

This was stated by Commandant Pishin Scouts Col Hyder Ali while addressing a jirga of tribal elders here Tuesday. Jirga was arranged about deteriorated law and order situation and frequent bomb explosions in the city.

Commandant Pishin Scouts asked tribes to play their role for restoration of peace in their areas.

He said if explosions and terrorism continued security forces would be left with no option but undertaking operation.

Tribal while assuring Commandant said they were patriotic and ready for every cooperation. They would not refrain from any sacrifice for country’s sacrifice.

They asked security forces to extend cooperation with the tribesmen. They said there is nothing like law along Quetta-Chaman highway. People are looted openly by setting up private check posts. This highway they added is under construction for last eight years which has caused numerous accidents.