Conservation of electricity must to end load shedding: NTDCL

Lahore: The spokesman of National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited NTDCL has said that electricity generation has crossed the figure of 15100 MW on Iftar timings yesterday Saturday, which has been observed as one of the highest electricity generation in last few years.

While updating the latest power situation of the day, the spokesman said that power generation stood at 14200 MW, demand increased to 17300 MW whereas shortfall recorded at 3100 MW. Hydel generation remained at 5553 MW, Thermal power stations are contributing 1950 MW whereas Independent Power Producers IPPs are generating 6700 MW.

The spokesman further said that on the instructions of Ministry of Water and Power, forced/unscheduled load shedding has been lifted whereas no load shedding is being observed during Sehr, Iftar and Taraveeh timings.

However, in some areas, DISCOs have no option left, due to technical constraints like tripping of feeders and overloading of transformers.

Then spokesman clarified that according to the load management plan, uninterrupted power supply is being provided to the industrial areas till Sehr timings. Resultantly, during the process of conversion from industrial to domestic feeders, electricity is being tripped off in certain areas of various DISCOs.

The spokesman further said that increase in the power generation to the figure of 15100 MW as well as generation of 6700 MW by IPPs is a step forward by the Govt to reduce load shedding and to provide maximum relief to the masses during the holy month of Ramzan.

The spokesman appealed to the masses for conservation of electricity which will ultimately help in overcoming the load shedding.

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