Consul General Fite Promotes Business and Education in Southern Punjab

Lahore: During a visit to Multan and Bahawalpur, U.S. Consul General Nina Fite met with business and industry leaders, political leadership, and educational organizations. Speaking with students, business, and civil society leaders, Consul General Fite underscored that the United States is firmly committed to its partnership with Pakistan and a bilateral relationship built on mutual interests, respect and trust.

While speaking to Multan and Bahawalpur’s chambers of commerce and industry, Consul General Fite highlighted the importance of trade and strong business to business ties between the United States and Pakistan.

Noting that the United States imports more Pakistani products than any other country in the world, she said, “our countries are succeeding by doing business together, and business ties are an increasingly important part of our relationship.” In discussing USAID’s Pakistan Private Investment PPII initiative with the chambers, she said “PPII will boost hardworking Pakistani entrepreneurs who embody the promise of Pakistan the belief that if you have a good idea and are willing to work hard, you can succeed.”

Consul General Fite also met with students studying English through the U.S. State Department funded Access English Micro scholarship Program.

Consul General Fite encouraged the students from across Southern Punjab taking after school classes, to continue their pursuit of English. “Your hard work and intelligence shines as a bright light in Pakistan’s future.
Please continue to work hard and use your foundation in English language to advance even further in life and as you continue your studies,” she added.

While in Multan, Consul General Fite visited Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed and Hazrat Shah Shams in Multan, which have been preserved through the U.S.

Mission’s Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. During her visit, she highlighted the exceptional architecture and the importance of conserving cultural and religious heritage for future generations.

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