Council's security guards trash protesting students (Pakistan Observer)

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM and DC) let loose its security guards to suppress the voice of best brains of the country who had gone there to protest against the policies of the Council and in particular of increase in tuition fee of private medical colleges.

Hundreds of medical students, who gathered before the PM and DC secretariat shouted the slogans against the recent steps taken by the administration of the Council to increase annual tuition fees by 7% for the students getting admission to private medical and dental colleges.

The security guards of the council started thrashing the students on the direction of administration. The uncouth security guards pushed not only the medical students but also the media persons faced the wrath of council’s administration. The Council under the chair of president, Dr. Masood recently reviewed its regulations and allowed private medical and dental colleges to enhance fees.

One of the security guards brutally trashed correspondent of daily Pakistan Observer (Zeeshan Javaid) who was recording the spot scenes in his mobile phone. The security guards also snatched his mobile phone to delete the pictures of protest. However the scribe succeeded to protect the mobile data.

Security guards detained the reporter in a room for two hours, however later, on intervention of Council’s administration; they released him with threatening words.

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