Country’s progress linked with rule of law: CJ LHC

SIALKOT: Chief Justice of Lahore High Court LHC Justice Umer Atta Bandiyal has said that all the negative thoughts about the rule of law in Pakistan have now ended up due to very positive and effective role of lawyers and judiciary in the country.

He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the lawyers hosted by the Sialkot District Bar Association DBA here late at the last night the night between Saturday and Sunday. District and Session Judge Sialkot Shahid Rafiq, ADSJs, Civil Judges, Sialkot DCO Iftikhar Ali Sahu and President Sialkot DBA Malik Mushtaq Awan were also present on this occasion.

He stressed upon the need of strengthening the national institutions through ensuring the rule of law and bringing further betterment in judicial system for dispensing justice to the needy, oppressed and poor people in the society. He said that the institutions could only be strengthened by ensuring the implementation of Constitution and Law.

He said that the judiciary has finished the 2008 backlog of the cases in the courts and now making sincere efforts to finish the backlog of 2011 though making the good decisions of the cases in the courts.

Justice Umer Atta Bandiyal narrated that the judiciary is a pivotal pillar of the State. Under the constitutional scheme, it has greater responsibilities on its shoulders; therefore, it has to be strong enough to shoulder the structure of the State. It has to provide strength to the other pillars as well. Country’s progress is linked with the rule of law and supremacy of Constitution, he added.

He termed that rule of law was must for national development, prosperity, peace and justice. He also stressed the need of making all out sincere efforts to provide better working atmosphere in all the courts with a sole aim to dispense the speedy justice to the needy, poor and oppressed people at their doorsteps, saying that the pleasant atmosphere was also vital to bring betterment in working of the judiciary.

Chief Justice LHC said that it was the demand of the day to promote the good mutual working relationship between the bar and bench for providing the early and easy justice to the poor, oppressed and needy people in the society, besides, curbing the menace of injustice. He said that the lawyers’ community should play its pivotal role in ensuring smooth provision of justice and removing all the hurdles from this way.

He said justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity. He said that the judiciary was free, impartial and independent. He also urged the lawyers to keep it on the respect of the black coats.

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