CPNE conference on free, fair polls

Karachi: Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors CPNE has organized a conference on `Democratic transition free and fair election’ on Friday February 08, 2013 at a local hotel.

Important political and media issues such as free and fair exercise of the elections, threatening level of terrorism and extremism, extra-political manoeuvring of elections, role of political parties and media during elections, pressures on media outlets and target killing of journalists, election manifestos of political parties and constitutional guarantees for the media, media`s right to question and media as a public voice will be addressed during this conference.

Representatives of prominent political parties of PPP, MQM,PMLN, PMLQ, JI, JUIF, ANP, PTI, PMLF, BNP and Awami Tehreek will address the moot, which will also be attended by senior journalists, columnists, prominent academia, lawyers, civil society personalities and human rights activists.